How it works


1) Our real-time online booking platform and backoffice tool allows you to update availability and pricing of your services as you go and based on different periods of the year. For each reservation you will receive an email request/confirmation. Cancellation policies can be set for individual services.

2) Our marketplace supports online payments in a secured 3D environment as defined by the EU legislation. The handling of payouts is regulated via Stripe and individual merchant accounts (Stripe Connect). Payouts are made bi-weekly and contain the payments for the delivered services during the 2 weeks prior to payout. Delivered (or cancelled) services are paid in accordance with our cancellation policy

3) Pedal.World runs a marketing program generating visibility for your services with your target audience(s). We offer the visitor a community/marketplace bringing together bike rentals, guided tours, accommodation and events as separate services to allow visitors to specify their own journey.

4) Contact and interaction within the community with both target audiences and fellow merchants (offering related services).

5) From August 2019 onwards we offer the option to integrate our booking tool frontend on your own online channels via an embed code allowing you to handle all bookings via, your own site or offline channels (point of sale) in one place.

ABOUT Toristy 
Pedal.World is brought to you by Toristy based in Helsinki

Marketplace development, Strategy and Merchant Onboarding all from one partner.