Breakaway Helsinki

Guided Tour Gravel - Go West Helsinki - Finland

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This 120 km ride features easy paced 25 km warm up on gravel along the beautiful coast line of western Helsinki. Once we leave the urban area we can pick up the pace. Middle part of the ride offers pastoral scenery and winding roads with little traffic. We'll return to city either on gravel or tarmac according to your preference. Lunch included.

Guided tour includes a highend OPEN gravel bike. Please specify your bike size in the comments field.

Duration 6-8 hours.

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Below you can find a list with indications on how to select the correct bike size from the Pedal.World merchants.
Please inform us if you require a specific setup and add  f ex your saddle height when booking.

MTB sizes

Small: 155-170cm
Medium: 170-180cm
Large: 180-190cm
Extra Large: 190-200cm

Road bike sizes

48 - 165-168cm
50 - 168-172cm
Small: 160-170cm

52 - 172-176cm
54 - 176-180cm
Medium: 171-180cm

56 - 180-184cm
58 - 185-188cm
Large: 181-188cm

60 - 188-192cm
62 - 192-196cm
Extra Large: 190-200cm

Gravel bike sizes