The Small Secrets of the Balkan Villages with a Bicycle

Bojentsi, Bulgaria

With this tour you will discover the "little secrets" of the Balkan - authentic villages, dense forests, splendid panoramas and numerous legends.
We will lead you through the "most romantic village in Bulgaria" - Bozhentsi, but we will do it in a very special way: we will enter the village through the "back entrance" and leave it through the "window". Bozhentsi has been declared an architectural and historical reserve more than fifty years ago, and the road passes along an old Roman highway. The view to the south is majestic and the power of the Balkan is captivating. On the horizon are the highest peak in the Balkan Mountains - Botev, the Triglav massif and the second highest peak - Golyam Kademlia, the Uzana place and Mount Ispolin, Shipka, Buzludzha, Bedets, Tryavna and Elena Balkan!
Special attention is paid to Torballagi - a small village with a special spirit and own legend. Here awaits a surprise that we will deliberately keep in secret!


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Bojentsi, Gabrovo, 5349, Bulgaria